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Brit Marschalk
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My reviews of two novellas from the July/August issue of Analog are now online at The Fix. My contribution is at the bottom of the page; a second reviewer wrote the rest.

Today I ordered this dirndl for Oktoberfest. I'm sure it'll serve for next year's Dragon*Con, too -- if I decide to go.

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I am a European size 40. Yay.

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I've been very busy at Dragon*Con, but ironically, I haven't really participated in many events. Between commuting in from Alpharetta, standing in line for celebrity panels, difficult logistics, and being turned away from non-celebrity events due to capacity crowds, I figure I've attended only about half (or less) of the events I'd originally planned to. I've had (too much) fun shopping in the vendor area, and I got Gates McFadden's autograph, but I'm still a little disappointed. It looks like I'm not going to make it to a single Wrtiers' Track panel this year. And tomorrow, there is so little of interest going on for us that Jaime and I are just going to stay home.

We're planning on going to the Happy Hour at Ten Forward, which is scheduled to begin at 7:00PM this evening -- if it's not full by the time we get there. I haven't seen many out-of-town friends at the con this year, but maybe I'll see a couple there.

Anyway, here's what I have seen and done, in terms of scheduled events:

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I know most of you who are at the con are too busy to read my journal right now, let alone comment, but if you do see this, let me know what you're up to!

Traffic was apocalyptic heading down from Alpharetta to Atlanta, so we just got off the road at the Lenox MARTA station and took that down to Peachtree Center. I think it took us an hour and a half, but we made it.

I am wearing a crimson medieval dress and a red "bejeweled" necklace with matching earrings. Right now I'm in j_hotlanta's suite at the Marriott bumming wi-fi. He brought some of his wonderful homebrew!

We're tentatively planning to mill about for a bit, then attend the Babylon 5 Q&A at 7:00. We might check out the Star Wars MST3K thing at 10:00.

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So, I'm going to be at Dragon*Con for all four days. I think I'll mostly be hanging out in sessions related to science, technology, and Star Trek, though of course I will also attend a few Writers' Track panels.

Is anyone else maybe going to the Star Wars "MST3K" presentation tomorrow night at 10:00?

I have three costumes, but two of them are awfully tight. I've gained a bit of weight this year, I'm afraid. :( Anyway, they are anonymous, mass-produced affairs, not character-related or anything like that. I have a crimson medieval dress (which is very warm), a Bavarian barmaid outfit (which just barely still fits), and a sheer, white Greek goddess costume. Hilarious photos to follow, I'm sure. Ugh.

So who else is going?

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Answer Me This by Casey Fiesler

The Sphinx grumbled and lifted herself up off of the ground. Her lion’s paws had very sharp claws, but at least she had nice breasts. She yawned and stretched her wings out briefly before folding them at her sides. “Okay,” she said. “I guess I won’t eat you yet.”


What Does It Profit a Man by Rebecca Day

A preacher considers a deal with the devil in a tale that straddles the hazy terminator line between the darkness and the light.

Dinner Made Willing by Vylar Kaftan

An alien cooking show! Is that enough to whet your appetite?


Habitats of Humanity by Monte Davis

Demon possession in this day and age??? Well, with kids these days, how can you tell? Devout Darla Fay finds out very quickly when a demon moves in to her grandson.


Since Memorial Day my husband rigel_kent and I have been preoccupied with fostering a family of stray cats I trapped in j_hotlanta's backyard. Actually, only the three kittens are in our home; the mother is being boarded at a vet's in Roswell (Georgia) awaiting a spay.

We all thought these cats were feral at first, and maybe the term could've applied to the kittens initially. However, the mama cat is behaving in a civilized, albeit frightened, manner at the vet's; I was planning to just release her after her spay, but she may be adoptable. We call her "Barbie" because she arrived at the vet's in a trap covered with an old Barbie bedsheet that used to belong to j_hotlanta's daughter.

The kittens were terrified, hissy, and spitty at first. They're still pretty nervous, but they're adjusting to us, and we see socialization progress daily. They are about six weeks old -- two little girls and a boy. I've named them Pam, Jim, and Angela after characters in NBC's version of The Office.

Here are our problems:

* Once the kittens are socialized, they will need to be adopted as soon as possible -- while they're still at their cutest. (I am looking into pediatric spay / neuter.)

* Barbie's spay is scheduled for Friday, and she will be ready to leave the vet's on Saturday. I don't have a place for her to go. I was going to return her to j_hotlanta's yard, but if she's really not feral, I want to give her a chance at a proper home. We cannot foster her. Our hands are full with the kittens, and reuniting them with Barbie would cause issues we are not prepared to deal with.

Please help! I need someone in Metro Atlanta or nearby to foster Barbie. I need homes for the kittens. I am sending out feelers in several directions (and it's never too soon to do so), but I'm very nervous. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Update: The vet just called and said they went ahead and spayed Barbie today, since they had some time. They will still be boarding her tonight.

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Crow by Stephanie Burgis

In a diversion from our usual fare, we present a whimsical tale of self-realization from up-and-coming author Stephanie Burgis.

Sufficient Cause by Tina Connolly

IN A WORLD where humans are warehoused in endless urban warrens, coerced to eat rabbit food, ONE MAN will risk EVERYTHING for a package of Chocochip cookies.


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